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The BFC is central West Virginia's leader in inovative group fitness! We strive to create a remarkable fitness experience in all our fitness classes -Everyday. Our instructors, resources & creativity consistantly produc exciting, fun and results focused fitness experiences for almost all ages and fitness levels!

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Welcome to the Buckhannon Fitness Center

      Hi, I'm Jason Kerner (the guy in the "Member Profile" pic over to the right). I'm, also, the Owner/Operator of the Buckhannon Fitness Center and I'm here to tell you, YOU - ARE AWESOME... just the way you are. But, If you feel like dropping a few pounds, becoming healthier, getting in better shape and making some good friends in the process, then the Buckhannon Fitness Center is the right place for YOU!

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10 Reasons to choose the BFC

1. There is ALWAYS FRIENDLY trained staff here that care about you and will be glad to help - You should never feel like your wandering through a wilderness of fitness machines. Also, we will help you for as long as you need guidance and we will always be here for you should you have any questions

2. We are LEADERS of fun innovative GROUP FITNESS classes for almost every age and fitness level - With the combination of quality coaching, creativity and equipment resources & investment, the BFC creates a complete fitness experience that simply can not easily be matched. There is simply no way for others to keep up with our passion for fitness!

3. No Contracts required & Family Friendly Pricing - Seriously, we understand you have enough barriers to getting started at the gym. Making you agree to rediculously long contracts, we don't think so, :)

4. The BFC has created a Fun, Friendly, Non-judgemental atmosphere - We are NOT a bodybuilding-spandex-wearing-judgemental gym. We are just regular folks trying to improve their lives, a place YOU will always feel comfortable. This is not just lip service. Everything about the culture we have created is to foster our Mission & Core Values

5. The BFC is obsessive about Cleanliness and Safety - There is almost always someone here cleaning. We take pride in that the BFC is so clean, members will sometimes stop by if they are caught away from home to use our restrooms rather than anywhere else. Most importantly. There is ALWAYS someone here that is CPR, AED & First Aid certified to help keep you safe and secure at the BFC. In part because we believe it is very difficult to use an AED on yourself should the need arise.

6. Member referral rewards program - When you bring in friends, family and co-workers, well, we appreciate you spreading the word - THANK YOU. However, we also believe that deserves being rewarded in a real way. Members can earn unlimited Fit Bucks that can be used for ANY service offered at the BFC.

7. We are a real community of good people within the gym. - The BFC is real community that cares about you and has fun doing member activities Four Square Tournaments & Member Appreciation Parties inside and Hiking Trips & Races outside the gym

8. We are a real part of the larger Buckhannon/Upshur community - We are proud to support a myriad of local charities and organizations throughout the community. We esspecially take pride in being able to create our own fitness related community charity events throughout the year, such as Dodgeball Tournaments and Zombie Appocalypse 5Ks

9. A large variety of equipment and fitness opportunities - We have worked hard to create a facility that enables members to train in whatever style and with whatever equipment the prefer to use. Our facility flexibility allows us to adapt to current fitness trends and be ready for any future trends

10. A large variety of member services convenient ammenities - We are a full service facility, not just a wharehouse for exercise machine. For your convenience we offer tanning, personal training, group fitness classes and workshops. we also think of the small conveniences as well, like plenty of fresh cleaning towels, fresh towel service for the shower, plenty of parking and healthy snacks & protein shakes for your pre/post workout nutrition needs

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