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Dave Shannon

Fit Club - BFC

Fit Club is a fitness program designed to improve body composition, health and complete fitness. The program is built around movements you would see in the real world every day. You pick things up, carry things, squat down, run after the kids, throw a ball, jump over a puddle and put things over your head. Fit club prepares you for that and much more by performing those movements in our work outs. We borrow tools from weightlifting, gymnastics, playgrounds, and track and field. Utilizing many different tools, we mix it up a lot, so you never get bored and your body is always adapting; getting stronger, leaner, faster and fitter. One of the keys to the program is you work really hard…so hard you get fit and lose fat really, really fast. The cool part is that almost anyone at any age or fitness level can participate. We teach you how to train and move well by teaching proper technique and safety. The program is set up with infinite scalability. Through different progressions, participants are able to find the right level for them but still do the same work out together. This camaraderie creates a great sense of community of people working on improving their lives through fitness.